Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), established in June 2019 and supervised by the Ministry of Culture, is a professional intermediary organization that promotes the development of Taiwan’s content industries. TAICCA supports various cultural content industries in Taiwan, including film and television, pop music, publishing, ACG, and fashion, artworks and cultural technologies.


With advanced information and communication technology infrastructure and emerging technologies in Taiwan, TAICCA manages National Development Fund to develop intellectual property (IP), incubate culture technologies, and facilitate startups.


Through international distribution channels, TAICCA strives to promote Taiwan’s cultural brand in the world. TAICCA enhances Taiwan’s cultural content industries and creates new value for Taiwan’s national brand. Profitable and eco-friendly, the creative industries are now valued as a key economic indicator worldwide.


TAICCA facilitates business matchmaking and establishes a reliable consulting system. We offer one-stop services with legal consultation, financial suggestions and diversified funding sources. With National Development Fund, TAICCA aims to stimulate investment in cultural content market. Under global networks, TAICCA strategically expands IP production and distribution in scope with marketing campaigns, consistent brand identity, and international co-productions.


TAICCA is committed to supporting content development and commercialization with local materials and local creators. Tangible and intangible cultural assets as well as historical heritage in Taiwan are available for original stories and IP. We aggregate resources vertically and horizontally. In addition, TAICCA offers training opportunities for creators and agents to improve their IP development, project, and financial management capabilities.


TAICCA also conducts data analysis in our creator and producer database to deliver market intelligence and strategies. In the future TAICCA will use new technologies, such as 5G connectivity, to accelerate future content development, manage cultural technology hub, integrate hardware and software, explore new business models and form international strategic alliances.


Free, open and liberal, Taiwan is culturally inclusive and historically diverse. It offers valuable assets for creators to explore various subject matters. Geographically, Taiwan is endowed with marvelous landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and undulating terrains, all are easily accessible within a day.


Meanwhile, Taiwan takes pride in innovative, competent professionals, quality and trustworthy logistics system, nationwide broadband internet infrastructure, and prosperous industries and businesses in close contact with the globe.




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