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Book to Screen



Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) Book to Screen program strives to promote a diverse range of Taiwanese stories with great screen-adaptation potentials to producers worldwide. This initiative aims to facilitate more cross-border collaborations in film and series adaptations as well as bring more Taiwanese stories to the screen! 


With the need for adaptation and IP development in the global market on the rise, Taiwanese stories, full of vibrant creative energy and freedom from the beautiful pacific island, will captivate you. Spanning a diverse array of different themes, genres and formats, Taiwanese stories offer a hybrid of cultural wonders in a fascinating and unique manner. It showcases rich colonial histories and ancient aboriginal tales, brimming and bustling amidst the modern city skyline interwoven with old structure and secrets, and reflecting the liveliness of nature from the summit of Jade Mountain to the depths of the blue sea. People here are free to love and express themselves; creativity and imagination know no bounds. Everyone can discover a story tailored to them here!


In the past years, TAICCA has promoted several books in different international markets, expanding our presence through international publishing-to-film related events. We have also actively worked with Taiwanese publishers/agencies to select and recommend books and comics regularly to the audiovisual industry, bridging and fostering more collaborations.


In 2024, TAICCA collaborates with SCELF (Civil Society of French-Language Publishers) under their world-renowned "Shoot the Book!" brand in Series Mania and Marché du Film, introducing Taiwan as a source of rich literary IPs to more audiovisual industry professionals. 


Additionally, in November during the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) in Taipei, once again we will hold the Story to Screen program and, for the first time, bring "Shoot the Book!" to Taiwan! This year’s Story to Screen will showcase books, comics and original story concepts via pitches and one-to-one meetings, stimulating more creative exchanges as well as fostering more screen-adaptations both domestically and internationally. 


If you are interested to know more about TAICCA Book to Screen program and Taiwanese stories, please contact us at any time!


Markets & Selections: 

  • Shoot the Book! TCCF 2024
  • Shoot the Book! Cannes 2024 - FOCUS 《BOOKS FROM TAIWAN》(link)
  • Shoot the Book! Series Mania 2024 - Spot The New Voices For Adaptation Panel (link) & Rendez-Vous, The Grayhawk Agency 
  • Asian Contents & Film Market BSM Pitch & Match - Taiwanese IP 2023 (link)
  • Shoot the Book! Cannes 2023 - “Before we were monsters" (Katniss Hsiao), INK, The Grayhawk Agency
  • Book IP pitching session for Series Mania 2023 - "Ching Ling Foo: The Second Greatest Magician of All Time" (Chang Kuo-Li), The Grayhawk Agency (link)
  • Asian Contents & Film Market BSM Pitch & Match - Taiwanese IP 2022 (link)
  • Book Adaptation Rights Market at Venice Production Bridge 2022
  • Books at Berlinale 2021 - “The Man with the Compound Eyes” (Wu Ming-Yi), The Grayhawk Agency
  • Series Mania BOOK-TO-SCREEN Selection 2020 - “The Spectre in Samaji” (Sha-Tang), Showwe Information iG Publishing (link)



Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +886-2-2745-8186 ext. 307
Business Hours: Monday to Friday 09:30-12:00, 14:00-17:30 (UTC+8)


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