Film Festivals in Taiwan

Film Festivals in Taiwan


Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (TGHFF) is the largest and most influential film event in Taiwan. The TGHFF consists of four main activities, including the Golden Horse Awards competition, Film Festival, Film Project Promotion and Film Academy. The Film Festival not only introduces excellent films from around the world to local audiences but also offers an important showcase of Chinese Language films competing for the Golden Horse Awards. The Film Project Promotion helps facilitate cooperation between Chinese Language filmmakers and international industry professionals, whilst the Film Academy aims to nourish and promote young filmmakers' vision. 2021 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival will be held in November.



Taipei Film Festival

Inaugurated in 1998, Taipei Film Festival builds closer relationships with Asian independent filmmakers and film industries through film competitions, screenings, activities, workshops, and other forms of collaborations. It is a platform for connecting filmmakers, the film industry, and audiences that maintains flexibility for innovation and change. "Taipei Film Awards" is the only film competition exclusively aimed at Taiwanese filmmakers. Every year, the NT$1 million Grand Prize for domestic films attracts Taiwan's most outstanding filmmakers and encourages different themes and stylistic expressions. In 2005, the Festival added the "International New Talent Competition", Taiwan's first international competition focused on feature films, dedicated to introducing new trends in international cinema and inviting contestants to Taiwan for cultural exchanges. From 2015, Taipei Film Festival and Festival des 3 Continents began hosting the "Produire au Sud Taipei Workshop", organized by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture. The 23rd Taipei Film Festival will be held from June 24 to July 10, 2021.



Kaohsiung Film Festival

Established in 2002, and often considered as the most important film festival in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung Film Festival (KFF) is held annually in October showcasing feature films, shorts, VR (virtual reality), and new media experiences. KFF is known for its fantasy-oriented curation, willingness to embrace new technology, and the specialty of holding the KFF International Short Film Competition and XR Dreamland program.



Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) held by Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute (TFAI) is a biennial dedicated to the art of documentary since 1998. As a gateway to quality Asian documentary films with unique approaches and viewpoints, TIDF thrives on bringing the art of documentary in its various forms and endless possibilities to our local as well as international audience. It focuses on creating networking opportunities through casual events during the festival and actively liaising with Asian and non-Asian filmmakers and festivals. Each edition, the festival brings around 130 films from all over the world along with various events, panel discussions, exhibitions, and documentary theatre. TIDF is also a competitive festival with three major categories--Asian Vision, International and Taiwan Competition, showcasing around 45 carefully selected titles. The postponed 12th edition will take place from April 30 to May 9, 2021. The 13th edition will be in May 2022 and will start calling for entries in August 2021.



Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan

First held in 1993, Women Make Waves Film Festival aims to celebrate the achievements of outstanding female talents, to explore different aspects of women's lives and gender issues, as well as to promote equality and rights of all genders. Between every February and April, the Festival welcomes submissions of feature films, short films, documentaries, animations, and experimental films that are innovative in cinematic styles and forms. The films submitted must be directed by at least one female director. The next edition of the Women Make Waves Film Festival will be held in October 2021.



Taichung International Animation Festival

Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF) is the only city film festival in Taiwan that features solely animation. Founded in 2015, TIAF has established itself as a major international animation festival, popular among moviegoers and animators, domestic and abroad alike. In 2017, TIAF launched Short Film Competition with awards totaling TWD 1.2 million (approx. 43,000 USD), a draw to global filmmakers as well as encouragement for Taiwanese filmmakers to submit their innovative projects. The 7th edition of TIAF will be held in October 2021 in Taichung, Taiwan.



Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF)

Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) is the only international campus film festival in Taiwan dedicated to animation. Founded in 2011, KDIAF has established itself as a notable international animation festival, having held countless international lectures, animation master class workshops, animation industry announcements, and forums. In 2013, KDIAF began its competition program and has gradually accumulated around 1300~3000 short films submitted from nearly a hundred countries over the years. Outstanding and award-winning films recognized by other notable festivals are never absent from KDIAF, giving KDIAF the pivotal position it holds today on the international film festival circuit.


The prize money for KDIAF's Short Film Competition, which totals up to 220,000 NTD (approximately 7,500 USD), encourages Taiwanese filmmakers to submit their innovative animation projects and is a massive attraction for global filmmakers. KDIAF collaborates with educational institutions, the animation industry, and technological pioneers to assist and promote local talents. The festival is a significant learning experience for the students and hugely benefits local animators. The 11th edition of KDIAF will be held from 24 October 2021 to 30 October 2021 at the Animation Department of Taipei National University of the Arts. All friends who love the art of animation are welcome to participate in this grand event to celebrate animation and share their fascinating experiences and inspire new blood.


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Film Festivals in Taiwan

Film Festivals in Taiwan