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Ars Electronica


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Date: 2022.09.07 - 2022.09.11

Venue: Ars Electronica Center (AEC), Linz, Austria

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Ars Electronica Linz GmbH is an Austrian cultural, educational and scientific institute active in the field of new media art, founded in Linz in 1979. It is based at the Ars Electronica Center (AEC), which houses the Museum of the Future, in the city of Linz. Ars Electronica's activities focus on the interlinkages between art, technology and society. It runs an annual festival, and manages a multidisciplinary media arts R&D facility known as the Futurelab. It also confers the Prix Ars Electronica awards.


TAICCA's Presence at Ars Electronica 2022

The theme of the festival in 2022 is Planet B. Planet B is a fictional world modelled on our real world. However, the same climate models and projections apply to it as to our real world. On Planet B, visitors can make “future-effective” decisions that are implemented in real time and whose consequences for the real climate in the year 2100 become immediately apparent. The aim of the game is to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions. A CO₂ counter shows the progress of the game. The game is played by choosing one of two options. For each of the five sectors responsible for the most CO₂ emissions in Austria, there are two options on how to reduce emissions. The majority decides which option is implemented. The result is a journey into the future, to the year 2100 on Planet B. Depending on how much emissions could be saved, you end up in the 2°C, 3°C or 4°C scenario.


Ars Electronica and TAICCA will commission an artwork by Taiwanese artist/artist group to develop a new project or a new iteration of an existing project that will be presented on-site at the Ars Electronica Festival 2022 in Linz in the framework of the Festival Exhibition as well as in Deep Space.​


  • Samsara《輪迴》 (supported by TAICCA and Kaohsiung Film Archive) Prix Ars Electronica - Category of Computer Animation - Honorary Mention



Ars Electronica’s Presence at TCCF 2021: A New Digital Real

For the TCCF, Ars Electronica has curated video-based artworks that allow us to take a different look at the festival theme “Metaverse.”


Digital technologies have made many things possible. They enable and evaluate complex data, the design of informed materials, forms and reactions, and open up new methods of production and representation that bring about social and cultural changes. Digital technologies are capable of constructing complex interrelationships from gigantic amounts of data and making them presentable to us in such a way that logic, information, and knowledge emerge from them.


The gift of man to develop technologies to meet the desire to exceed their own limits, constructs at the same time always new realities that need to be recognized and understood. The exhibition part of the cooperation between TAICCA and ARS ELECTRONICA is dedicated to this topic and shows through different artistic positions, which new realities we have created for ourselves through digital technologies, where the challenges, risks and opportunities lie and above all with which competencies humanity must equip itself to be able to make the newly created realities effective for itself.


During the days of the event, we will open the exhibition space once a day and transform it into a school of the future: Ars Electronica Future Thinking School. It will be shown what creatives and artists are capable of, together with their critical thinking – ART THINKINGS – when they participate in solving things outside the art world. Towards science, towards economy and industry, towards environment and other living things, etc.



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Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica


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