TAICCA launches Full-Dimension Content Cultivation Plan to kick-start Taiwan’s IP content development


TAICCA launches Full-Dimension Content Cultivation Plan to kick-start Taiwan’s IP content development


Following the investment case of Studio 76, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) announced on May 18th a co-investment in Angelic-Founder, the cultural content industry investment and consulting firm, along with Asia’s largest crowdfunding consultancy firm, Back-Founder. TAICCA chairperson Hsiao-Ching Ting (丁曉菁)  also announced the launch of the Full-Dimension Content Cultivation Project, which includes an NTD 100 million (USD 3.4 million) TAICCA Content Development Fund aiming to develop over 100 cases to optimize IP production, as well as a partnership with national museum groups to increase stories and IP production capabilities.


TAICCA Chairperson Hsiao-Ching Ting announcing the launch of the Full-Dimension Content Cultivation Plan.



According to Chairperson Ting, there are four main elements of the Full-Dimension Content Cultivation Plan. First, to kick-start the momentum for IP development while simultaneously launching cross-border matchmaking opportunities through the TAICCA Content Development Fund. Second, to create new business models with investment partnerships including this co-investment in Angelic-Founder with Backer-Founder. Third, to encourage creators to upgrade current working methods through the content development section of the already-in-progress Cultural Content and Technology Application Flagship Program. Lastly, to build an IP development cooperation system supporting creative and field research consultation by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with three national cultural museums.


TAICCA’s Full-Dimension Content Cultivation Plan aims to accurately target the gaps within the content development chain, providing assistance in the initial development phase and working together with content creators to build up Taiwan’s cultural brand. 


The TAICCA Content Development Fund intends to solve the lack of initial IP development funds. Content creators can enter their IP projects to be selected into an IP Pool. Members of our TAICCA Angel can then select projects with market potential from the IP Pool to invest in and begin IP development. This system differs from the traditional funding selection process, allowing the industry and market potential to decide which projects can receive funding. Once the IP projects are ready for production, TAICCA and our co-investment companies, such as Anglic-Founder, can provide further financial support via crowdfunding. 


With years of experience in the crowdfunding field, the CEO of Backer-Founder Tahan Lin (林大涵) shared, “Angelic-Founder’s RBF (revenue-based financing) model will provide key investment support for content creators as well as complete freedom in creativity. And through a project-based revenue sharing investment model, the returns of investment will come in the form of royalties after the project is complete."  


From the left: Director of the National Museum of Taiwan History Chung-Hsi Lin, Angelic-Founder CEO Eva Liao, TAICCA President Ching-Fang Hu, TAICCA Chairperson Hsiao-Ching Ting, Minister of Culture Cheng Li-Chiun, Backer-Founder CEO Tahan Lin, Director of National Museum of Taiwan Literature Shou-Bin Su, Director of the National Museum of  Human Rights Chun-Hung Chen.


Another main element of the Full-Dimension Content Cultivation Plan is unlocking national artifact and historical resources for rich IP development potential. TAICCA will be signing an MoU with national museums, starting with the National Museum of Taiwan History, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, and the National Human Rights Museum, to forge an effective content development system and serve as a reliable source of field research for content creators. TAICCA will continue to invite more cross-disciplined museums to be integrated into the plan to build a strong content industry support platform. 


The Minister of Culture, Cheng Li-Chiun, encouraging content creators to utilize the power of crowdfunding to create history and make their dreams come true.


Amongst the guests in attendance was the Minister of Culture, Cheng Li-Chiun (鄭麗君), who mentioned during her speech that the first film ever to be made by Taiwanese people ninety-five years ago was funded and made possible through crowdfunding. She wished that “in the future, every arts and culture content creator can make history and make their dreams come true through Angelic-Founder and through the power of crowdfunding.” 


Together with partners from the public and private sectors, TAICCA’ s Full-Dimension Content Cultivation Plan aims to promote Taiwan’s cultural content industry by boosting IP development and provide resources to eliminate early development obstacles for content creators.