IP Pitching event held in Seoul attracts over hundred Korean professionals


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IP Pitching event held in Seoul attracts over hundred Korean professionals


In recent years, Taiwanese cultural content has attracted attention in the South Korean consumer market. Apart from the increasing number of South Korean tourists visiting Taiwan, Korean adaptations of Taiwanese originals have also gained recognition. By collaborating through the Asian storytelling approach and themes, efforts are being made to collectively address the global market and promote diverse publishing subjects from Taiwan. TAICCA held the "다시 만나자! 타이완 이야기" IP pitching event in Seoul, South Korea on the 16th, June. The event drew over a hundred local professionals spanning industries such as film and television development, publishing, and webtoons. Attendees included representatives from South Korea's three major e-book platforms – Ridi, prominent publishing house Munhakdongne, and the multinational comic platform Comico – all seeking compelling stories from Taiwan. Through this proactive promotion approach, the aim is to facilitate more opportunities for international and cross-field copyright collaborations.


Chairman, Tsai, of the Cultural Content Institute stated that for Taiwan's content industry, the Korean market holds tremendous developmental value. In addition to engaging in more extensive collaborations through local exhibitions, including talent incubation and establishing dedicated awards, the Cultural Content Institute is also planning cross-field promotional and matchmaking activities. These endeavors aim to foster closer connections and mutual understanding between the two industries, allowing them to comprehend the demands and trends of the local market. Ultimately, this will facilitate the introduction of a greater variety of Taiwan's content (T-content) to the Korean market.


Korean buyers exhibited enthusiastic interest in original Taiwanese IPs during the promotional event.


Following last year's "우리 한번 만나볼래요? 타이완" themed book exhibition held in Seoul, South Korea, aimed at promoting Taiwan's focal publishing content to the Korean market, TAICCA is now focusing on the "Webtoon to drama" trend on OTT platforms this year. It has gathered dozens of manhua (comics), novels, and essays with adaptation potential. During the Seoul International Book Fair, these works were presented in a promotional event format to Korean content industry professionals in film, television, and webtoons. Taiwan's excellent stories will be recommended, encompassing popular genres such as thrilling mysteries, fantasy, psychology, and LGBTQ+ themes. The goal is to gain favor in the local market and create more diverse sales channels for Taiwan's content.


This year, the IP development department of the major South Korean publishing house Munhakdongne, participating for the second time since last year, expressed that the Korean publishing market has been increasingly inclined towards cross-field exploration of quality content. Formats such as webtoons and light novels have gained immense popularity, with a remarkable long-tail effect of being adapted into film and television productions. Traditional publishing houses are actively adjusting their business models to uncover more valuable intellectual properties (IPs). Given the similarities in cultural and historical backgrounds between Taiwan and South Korea, coupled with Koreans' fondness for traveling to Taiwan, there is a strong sense of familiarity with the people and things depicted in Taiwanese works. This affords a certain advantage in translating and adapting such works.