TAICCA and CNC Strengthen Their Strategic Partnership and Unveil Two Taiwan-France Co-Productions and Talent Development Initiatives


TAICCA and CNC Strengthen Their Strategic Partnership and Unveil Two Taiwan-France Co-Productions and Talent Development Initiatives


As part of a long-term strategic partnership to further audiovisual collaborations and exchanges between Taiwan and France, Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and Centre National du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) in France signed last November a memorandum of understanding designing joint priorities for their cooperation in cultural content industries.


CNC Director of European and International Affairs Jérémie Kessler (left) and TAICCA Chairman Homme Tsai.

The collaboration between TAICCA and CNC has seen remarkable growth in recent years and during Series Mania in Lille on the 19th of March, TAICCA Chairperson Homme Tsai and CNC President Dominique Boutonnat took the opportunity of new meetings at Series Mania to jointly express their joy at the upcoming realization of two partnership projects between Taiwan and France for this year. These include "FLY," a spy drama series of Taiwanese author Chang Kuo-Li's original IP; and "FLIGHT MH370," a Taiwan-French co-production series based on the true events of the Malaysian Airline flight disappearance, with plans to shoot in Taiwan.


During the Series Mania, the French production company Cinéfrance and Taiwan's Yoosonn Entertainment have joined forces for their co-production project titled 《FLY》. From left to right: Cinéfrance producer Renan ARTUKMAÇ, The Grayhawk Agency Senior Film Agent San Lin, Cinéfrance producer Julien DERIS, Cinéfrance Vice president David GAUQUIE, Yoosonn Entertainment chairperson Hsiao-ching Ting and Yoosonn Entertainment founder Jason Hsueh.


"FLY," a co-produced series planned by French production company CinéFrance and Yoosonn Entertainment, scheduled for shooting between Taiwan and France; Supported by TAICCA, "FLIGHT MH370," directed by Gilles Bannier known for the recent acclaimed BBC series Blue Lights,  led by French production company Alef One, impressed by Taiwan's creative freedom and government support for filming projects, they decided to bring this project to Taiwan and are currently in discussions with Taiwanese co-production partners.


CNC also highlighted the upcoming 2024 TCCF Taiwan Creative Content Fest, where the French Centre will head a high-level French delegation to Taiwan, fostering greater collaboration between professionals from Europe and Asia from the Film and audiovisual industry. 


Homme Tsai, TAICCA Chairperson, expressed gratitude towards CNC and Series Mania for their long-term support of film and television cooperation cases. He looks forward to expanding cooperation between TAICCA and CNC affirming their commitment to expanding the international presence of respective stories, narratives and talents from both sides.