Taiwanese Cultural Content Making Waves - TAICCA Partners with Local Production Companies to Boost Content Development


Taiwanese Cultural Content Making Waves - TAICCA Partners with Local Production Companies to Boost Content Development


Taiwanese films and TV series had an outstanding year in 2020, receiving not only local popularity but also international recognition. The newfound attention of Taiwan’s film and TV content was made possible by the rise of OTT platforms, suggesting an opportune moment to enter the international market. 


The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) hosted a press conference today (Feb. 3rd) at Le Méridien Taipei, announcing the official partnership with 14 Taiwanese production companies and associations, including Greener Grass Production (瀚草影視),  Jason's Entertainment Co. (友松娛樂), DaMou Entertainment (大慕影藝), MandarinVision (華文創), Green Film Production (青睞影視), Mirror Fiction (鏡文學), Flash Forward Entertainment (前景娛樂), JointMovies (想映電影), Machi Xcelsior Studios (麻吉砥加), October Films (十月影視), Taiwan Public Television (公視), Indigenous People Cultural Foundation (財團法原住民族文化事業基金會), and the Animation & Visual Effects Association (動畫特效協會). These partners believe that with the assistance of TAICCA, their estimated development can double in quantity reaching nearly 100 projects per year. Along with increasing numbers of international distribution channels, it helps to build Taiwan’s national brand faster. 


TAICCA becomes official partners with 14 Taiwanese production companies and associations to support Taiwan's content development.

TAICCA have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with these new partners to support their projects. The goal is to increase Taiwanese original content’s production capacity and to encourage international collaboration to solve the four main pain points of the industry: insufficient production volume, low international market share, lack of confidence in cultural content investment, and insufficient recognition of Taiwan’s national cultural brand. 


The first group of partners includes Taiwan’s film, TV,  documentary, and animation industries. TAICCA chairperson Hsiao-Ching TING thanked everyone for participating in this historic moment as Taiwan announced to the world that “We are ready. Here comes the Taiwanese cultural wave!” Honored guests in attendance include production company executives, as well as directors and producers, each as a valued partner in TAICCA’s mechanism to increase content production. 


TAICCA’s MoU partners (hereinafter TAICCA partners) and their collaborators can receive support from two mechanisms, the Content Development Plan: Screenplay Development Fund (內容開發專案計畫-劇本開發基金), and the Taiwan's International Co-funding Program (TICP, 國際合作投資專案計畫-最後一桶金激勵方案). 


The Screenplay Development Fund focuses on early-stage content development were adapted or original content chosen by TAICCA partners can receive funding for field research fees and text adaptation authorization fees if the project has Taiwanese elements. 


The Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program (TICP) aims to increase the international market presence for Taiwanese original creative content, such as feature films, documentaries, TV series, and animation. Projects which have 70% self-funding secured and with Taiwanese elements are qualified to receive funding support up to 30% of the production budget or 30% of the global sales & marketing budget.


TING emphasized that TAICCA’s mission was to create a global Taiwanese cultural wave and to increase Taiwan’s visibility internationally. With 14 TAICCA partners on board and many more in discussions, all building up a global Taiwanese Wave. 


TAICCA Chairperson Hsiao-Ching TING thanked all of the TAICCA partners who attended today's precss conference. 


TAICCA also welcomed industry players to join as TAICCA partners if their projects have Taiwanese elements, or if they are international distribution channels, content development intermediary organizations, OTT platforms, or organizers of international TV and film pitching sessions, etc. 


President Tsai Ing-wen recently announced the government’s full support of the film and television industry in Taiwan, and that TAICCA’s establishment is to consolidate the power of government and private-sector to create high-quality works. Taiwan has a wealth of cultural content, with the efforts of the film and TV industry backed by TAICCA, Tsai wished for TAICCA to achieve  "completing the content industry support system and advancement strategy in one year, and increasing cultural content production in three years” and is optimistic for when Taiwanese Wave takes the world by a storm.