TAICCA Partners with MPA and La Fémis for International Film and TV Talent Cultivation


TAICCA Partners with MPA and La Fémis for International Film and TV Talent Cultivation



TAICCA School, a subdivision established by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) for Taiwan’s local creative content talents, has been actively connecting with international organizations. TAICCA has recently signed MoUs with Motion Pictures Association (United States) and La Fémis (France) for training courses. “TAICCA School x MPA Script to Screen Film Workshop and Pitching Session” will be held on March 30th, and the “TAICCA School x La Fémis Workshop” will be on March 23rd to 24th, inviting international professionals to conduct in-depth courses to cultivate international talents for Taiwan’s film and TV industry.


TAICCA Chairperson Hsiao-Ching Ting stated that the European and American script development methods are valuable for Taiwanese screenwriters. TAICCA School’s collaboration with MPA and La Fémis is an important step towards the cultivation of Taiwanese film and television talents. These two international organizations will bring together many industry experts, each providing essential and inspirational perspectives of the international markets for our local talents.


The collaboration with MPA includes two parts, the Script to Screen Film Workshop and the Pitching Session. The Workshop will be led by TAICCA and MPA APAC, inviting back Netflix’s Director of Creative Talent Investment Development, Christopher Mack, along with six other film industry experts to introduce the script development process of the American film industry. The workshop will cover the art and visual narration of mainstream TV series and allow Taiwanese film and TV talents to learn and exchange experiences that hopefully leads to future cooperation opportunities between the two countries. The winner of the pitching session will also have a chance to attend a film course at the North American Film Academy in Los Angeles in November. 


The TAICCA School x La Fémis Workshop invited Alex Berger, the creative producer of The Bureau, which was broadcast in 112 countries and was voted by the New York Times as one of the world’s best 30 TV series. Berger has over 20 years of experience in the development and coordination of American and French drama series, and is familiar with the industry’s ecosystem of both countries. The course will cover the responsibilities of a showrunner in the US and France, how to maintain local culture, producing TV series, case studies of The Bureau, the establishment of cultural brands, and more, offering Taiwanese talents a look into the best practices of international best-selling TV series production.


MPA is an American trade association representing the five US major film studios (Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures) as well as the video streaming service Netflix - a major advocate for intellectual property and talent cultivation for the film and television industry.


La Fémis is the world’s leading film academy with departments including film and television production, screenwriting, director, fine arts, editing, film analysis and other departments. It also offers short-term programs such as screenwriting and drama series development. The professors are all experts of the industry who have nurtured the French film and television industry such as Francois Ozon, Claire Denis, Céline Sciemm and others with impressive box office records and reputation cultivating high-quality talents for France.


The “TAICCA School x MPA Script to Screen Film Workshop and Pitching Session” is now open for registration until March 9th, please visit https://school.taicca.tw/news/117 for more details. 


The “TAICCA School x La Fémis Workshop” is set to open for registration on February 24th, please stay tuned to the TAICCA School official site for more information and updates.