TAICCA Presents Taiwanese Mangas at Brussels Book Fair


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TAICCA Presents Taiwanese Mangas at Brussels Book Fair


Under the long-term partnership between the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and the French digital comic platform Mangas.io, Taiwanese comics artist, Chang Sheng, will participate in this year's Brussels Book Fair (Foire du Livre de Bruxelles) held from April 4 to April 7. Chang Sheng will unveil his comic book, "YAN," in its French version, presenting a captivating narrative featuring a superheroine with a Peking Opera face.

At the Brussels Book Fair, Chang Sheng will engage in discussions about the influence of Japanese comics on his creations alongside two European comic and graphic artists: Federica Di Meo (Oneira) and Rosalie Stroesser (Shiki, quatre saisons au Japon). Furthermore, Chang Sheng will be hosting book signings at Mangas.io’s Manga Theme Pavilion (Le Quartier Manga), with support from both TAICCA and Glénat Éditions.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Chang Sheng emphasized the diversity and dynamism of Taiwanese comics. He acknowledged the growing international recognition facilitated by supportive policies, making the French market debut particularly significant. He eagerly anticipates connecting with readers during the book launch.



Chang Sheng's distinctive comic style, characterized by adventurous narratives and compelling pacing, has garnered widespread acclaim. His portfolio includes beloved works such as "BABY." "THE HIDDEN LEVEL" and "OLDMAN". Notably, Chang Sheng is a recurrent recipient of the Golden Comic Award in Taiwan and the Kyoto International Creators Award in Japan. His global presence extends to renowned comic conventions worldwide, including the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France, the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany, and the San Diego Comic-Con in the United States. His works have been sold in Japanese, Korean, French, English, Italian, and Turkish. In addition to the French version, "YAN" has also sold the rights to Italian, English, and Russian editions. 

TAICCA's participation marks its inaugural presence at the Brussels Book Fair this year. The agency's "T-Manga'' stall showcases over 15 French-language Taiwanese comics in collaboration with various French publishers. Through the business exchange meetings, TAICCA aims to promote Taiwanese comics on the "Taiwan Comic City '' online preview catalog, as well as light novels under the "Taiwan IP Showcase" program. TAICCA is committed to fostering cross-domain co-production opportunities and expanding Taiwan's comics industry on an international scale.



Jiun-Wei Lu, Chief Executive Officer of TAICCA, emphasized TAICCA's commitment to promoting Taiwanese cultural content globally. Through strategic initiatives in Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok and Seoul, TAICCA endeavors to elevate Taiwan's creative works and creators on the international stage.

The Brussels Book Fair (Foire du Livre de Bruxelles), established in 1969, stands as a premier event in Belgium's literary landscape, attracting professionals from across the publishing spectrum. With the burgeoning demand for comics in the French-speaking market, this year's inclusion of comics as a central theme underscores the genre's cultural significance.