Taiwan Wows SXSW with Immersive XR Programs


Taiwan Wows SXSW with Immersive XR Programs


The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), is proud to bring selected XR programs from Taiwan to SXSW 2021.  For the first time, the largest creative festival celebrating the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries is taking place online as a response to the pandemic. As SXSW creates a space in the virtual world that brought Austin to life in a spectacular way, TAICCA makes sure its virtual venue, branded as Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF), is a must-see for international professionals to meet key players in the Taiwan XR content ecosystem.


"We expect to give participants a panorama perspective and a lasting impression in our venue," remarked TAICCA Chairperson Ting Hsiao-Ching. "Taiwan is definitely the hidden gem in the XR world. When people are asked about Taiwan, they associate the place with high technologies. Yet, creative capacities from the island have been largely underestimated."


In light of the fact that the Extended Reality (XR) Market is segmented by solution application, end-user industry, and geography, TAICCA presents a full package from Taiwan, aiming to scout for international funding, and co-production opportunities in the aspiration to bring more works from Taiwan to the global market. The virtual venue presents world-class XR programs from Taiwan in a vertically rotating dynamic visual representing Taiwan’s creative energy that sees no limits, inviting everyone to take a closer look at the various pieces that map out the entire XR landscape. The works and production companies will be showcased at SXSW Creative Industry Exhibition (search: TCCF) and a standalone website


"We are more than delighted to introduce to the world these XR programs that we take pride in," Ting commented. According to Mordor Intelligence, XR solutions allow rich data to be easily accessible in a situational context, creating virtually unlimited market opportunities. Foreseeing the trend, TAICCA and the NewImages Festival in France, for example, have signed an MOU to accelerate XR development and explore new business opportunities for content creators. Visit TAICCA’s Immersive Content Grant and the 2021 Taiwan x France XR DAY for more information.


A sneak peek of the featured XR programs:

  • FUTURE VISION LAB's experimental projects build a high-resolution platform for video creation and open display. It’s a space for immersive audio-visual experiences and a hyperspeed platform for generative art. 
  • anpu- An ode to Moss: Musical Wander is the first mobile musical experience connecting VR and motion-sensing devices in the world. The Volumetric Capture technology films the singer in a 360-degree 3D video and delivers the performance to the audience on motion seats, creating a cutting-edge immersive practice beyond concert experiences. 
  • Through the Body employs projections from five different angles to upgrade its performance, aiming to improve the technologies and experiences when reprinting VR content in immersive theater. The improvement will optimize the existing VR materials and create a whole different viewing experience compared to traditional VR head-mounted displays.
  • iStaging is proud to present its comprehensive solutions to move offline events online. Serving over 100K clients in over 50 countries by offering 10x efficiency with only 10% of the original cost, iStaging employs its DeepTech that integrates machine learning and AI-based 3D content generation on the collaborative platform. 
  • XRSPACE MANOVA Creative Content Expo integrates VR content with social networking platforms that enable participants worldwide to engage online in real-time as their 3D avatars. The new 5G XR convention and exhibition model will benefit significantly from this new interactive solution. 
  • Little Ant & Robot Café aims to experiment with an innovative business model. On top of one-off performances, this work contemplates the idea that longer runs could foster a deeper connection between artists and communities, as well as the endeavor of reducing footprints and impact from the environmental point of view.


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