Taiwan in FIL 2023 Showcases Fascinating “Taiwanese Graphic Landscapes” and with Its Translation Funding to Expand Spanish Markets


Taiwan in FIL 2023 Showcases Fascinating “Taiwanese Graphic Landscapes” and with Its Translation Funding to Expand Spanish Markets


Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) has been in partnership with Taipei Book Fair Foundation this year to extend Taiwan's publishers' reach into the Spanish market. Collaboratively, both parties have launched the Taiwan Pavilion at the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) in Mexico, the foremost trade event within the Spanish-speaking world. In response to the growing demand for graphic publications. The selected titles this year predominantly focus on graphic works, including Manga, graphic novels, and children's books. To promote the rights of all titles, the Taiwan delegation will make good use of the Books from Taiwan (BFT) initiative and the translation/publishing grants by the Ministry of Culture. The Taiwan Pavilion has its catalogue in English/Spanish for FIL 2023, which is trying to reach out to more publishers; moreover to build the bridge for right exchanges.


The opening event for the Taiwan Pavilion at the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico was vibrant, with many key international publishing figures in attendance.


TAICCA Chairperson Homme Tsai notes that graphic books possess the unique ability to transcend language barriers. In recent years, graphic creators in Taiwan have received numerous international accolades and awards, undercovering the diverse appeal of the rights dealing. FIL represents a significant opportunity for international collaborations and co-productions, tapping into the world’s second-largest language.


With nearly 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide and its official status in 20 countries across Americas and Europe, FIL, initiated by the University of Guadalajara, stands as the largest book exhibition in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking realm, showcasing literary and graphic works. Drawing inspiration from the global success of Japanese manga, Taiwan’s graphic works exhibit substantial licensing potential in this market.


At the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico, the Taiwan Pavilion features a "Graphic Landscapes in Taiwan" exhibition, showcasing works from eight outstanding artists.


The FIL this year runs from November 25th to December 3rd, with Taiwan Pavilion organizing an opening event on November 27th. Taiwan pavilion showcases 128 titles from 31 publishers, encompassing children’s books, illustrated books, graphic novels, and comics. To facilitate licensing engagement, TAICCA and Taipei Book Fair Foundation have arranged meetup events between Taiwan and Chile while rights representatives at the pavilion actively recommend titles to international counterparts. Additionally, Ibero-American University has invited TAICCA and a Taiwanese right professional to share their experiences in international book fairs and their efforts to promote graphic works from Taiwan.


Tomás Coggiola, an editor from the Argentine comic publishing house Comic.ar Ediciones, has shown a keen interest in Taiwanese comic works, particularly those focused on science fiction and futuristic themes.


Locus Publishing, a participating entity, emphasizes the universal language of graphic narratives and prioritizes graphic works for international rights promotion events. Notably, creators like Jimmy Liao, Sean Chuang, and Animo Chen, have successfully entered international book markets. In particular, Jimmy Liao’s works had made their first European entry through a Spanish-language agreement. Gaea Books has also exported comics by Mickeyman Liang to Spain. Through these Spanish rights agreements, publishers aim to introduce more graphic works to audiences in the Americas.


Taiwan Pavilion at the Guadalajara Book Fair in Mexico organizes an meetup event with publishers between Taiwan and Chile.


The Taiwan Pavilion offers an exhibition titled “Graphic Landscapes in Taiwan,” featuring 24 paintings and derivative titles from 8 artists, such as Animo Chen’s Love Letter was selected for the Bologna Children's Book Fair and was awarded the BolognaRagazzi Award. The Lion in Manga Library by Xiaodao won the Golden Comic Awards in Taiwan, while DAY OFF by DailyGreens has been scheduled for publication in eight languages, including Japanese, German, and English.