TAICCA and CNC Establish Landmark Partnership for Audiovisual Collaborations between Taiwan and France


TAICCA and CNC Establish Landmark Partnership for Audiovisual Collaborations between Taiwan and France


To further audiovisual collaborations and exchanges between Taiwan and France, Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and Centre National du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) in France announced a memorandum of understanding on November 9th. The agreement was signed by CNC President Dominique Boutonnat and TAICCA Chairperson Homme Tsai at Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) as a statement for long-term cooperation in cultural content industries on a national level. At the TCCF closing ceremony, TAICCA and CNC will also present TAICCA X CNC AWARD with a US$30,000 cash prize.


At the press release at TCCF on November 9th, CNC President Dominique Boutonnat and TAICCA Chairperson Homme Tsai signed the MOU. To ensure freedom of expression and distribution, both parties are committed to industry support, international co-production and distribution between Taiwan and France, and wider international influences in cultural content.


(Left to Right) CNC President Dominique Boutonnat, TAICCA Chairperson Homme Tsai, signing MOU


In his remark, Bureau Français de Taipei Director Franck Paris said that the French and the Taiwanese are united by the same concept of cultural exception and diversity, and by the conviction that our partnership could help us both to remain at the forefront of the cultural and creative industries, which is our common ambition.


French Office in Taipei Director, Franck Paris 


CNC President Dominique Boutonnat emphasized that this MOU is the result of a highly effective dialogue between CNC and TAICCA. Taiwan is now a key partner in Asia, and TAICCA has become significant partners for French creation. France and Taiwan have our own narratives and uniqueness, and it is through an independent voice, enabled by the preservation of intellectual property, that our works must convey this. 


CNC President, Dominique Boutonnat 


Creative freedom and diversity were shared values between Taiwan and France, said TAICCA Chairperson Homme Tsai. Based on this foundation, both sides built an extraordinary connection. The MOU was a milestone between TAICCA and CNC to expand and increase audiovisual collaborations between Taiwan and France. It would accelerate industrial development and deliver outstanding work by professionals.


TAICCA Chairperson, Homme Tsai 


Through this MOU, TAICCA and CNC will cooperate in four dimensions. For "emerging talent", both parties will take action to support young authors and encourage audiovisual professionals on mutual understanding. For "creative freedom", both parties recognize human rights as the cornerstone of creation and will take measures to underline the importance of freedom of expression and distribution.


For "digital creation", both countries have delivered considerable collective results, such as Villa Formose Immersive. In the long run, cooperation will continue on digital content creation, including video game sectors. For "international co-production", CNC will assist TAICCA in optimizing related programs, and continue to support the partnership between TAICCA and Séries Mania. More programs will be organized in the future.


TAICCA and CNC also presented a TAICCA X CNC AWARD with US$30,000 cash prize during TCCF. International juries at PITCHING sessions would select a winner from all "Project to Screen" teams. The winner would be unveiled at the closing ceremony.


CNC was created on October 25 1946 as the National Centre for Cinematography in France, under the Ministry of Culture. This public institution is tasked to enhance audiovisual creation and communication from France. TAICCA is a public institution, supervised by the Ministry of Culture, to elevate cultural content applications and industries, and promote cultural & creative industry development. This MOU covers collaborations on films, XR, series, and animation, to promote exchanges and development in cultural content industries in Taiwan and France.


(Left to Right) CNC European and International Affairs Director Jérémie Kessler, French Office in Taipei Director Franck Paris, CNC President Dominique Boutonnat, TAICCA Chairperson Homme Tsai, TAICCA CEO Mr. Jiun-Wei Lu and TAICCA Advisor Aurélien Dirler.