The 2021 TCCF Market Brings the Best Taiwanese Original Content to Pitching & Showcases


The 2021 TCCF Market Brings the Best Taiwanese Original Content to Pitching & Showcases


After last year’s success, TAICCA continues to provide matchmaking opportunities for the content industry with seven Pitching & Showcase sessions at this year’s TCCF Market. 


To bring producers, screenwriters, and directors closer to desirable IP projects, Pitching & Showcase this year includes different categories such as series, films, animations, children and young adults, LGBTQ+ BL, as well as the 2021 Golden Horse FPP Series Projects. 


During Open Call: Seeking Local Content to Go Global, CJ ENM Hong Kong Ltd. Managing Director Michael JUNG, shared that Taiwan had top-notch creators with creative freedom to produce diverse subject matters. JUNG looked forward to the opportunities to work with Taiwanese teams, especially with TAICCA’s support. 


The 2021 Golden Horse FPP Series Projects features 14 series selected in the 2021 FPP, some originals, and some fascinating IP adaptations from novels, comics, and musicals. These series cover a wide range of genres, including crime, thriller, horror, family, romance, adventure, fantasy, comedy, war, and history, showcasing the amazing creativity and diversity of Taiwan’s content industry. 


The 2021 Golden Horse FPP Series Projects pitching


TAICCA also partners with the Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation for the FUBON momo mini Incubator for industry professionals interested in children’s film and television programs. The showcase aims to bring the industry together to produce high-quality programs and create a diverse and vigorous media environment for children. 


FUBON momo mini incubator showcase


To encourage more focused matchmaking, TAICCA held the Project to Screen: Series, Project to Screen: Film, and Project to Screen: Animation pitching sessions. Teams and projects in different genres presented their IPs for co-production, investments, or talents. Exciting projects include Fragrance of the First Flower Season 2 (第一次遇見花香的那刻 第二季) by GagaOOlala, Oriental Beauty (東方美人)  by Green Film Productions and Director Nelson YEH, PIGSY by studio2 Animation Lab, and more. 


Several networks and studios also announced their new series and titles at The Market, including the premiere of You Have to Kill Me (我是自願讓他殺了我) a suspense thriller series by Studio 76 based on the psychology of female criminals. Sanlih Entertainment Television announced the star-studded cast for family drama, Family Reunion (一家團圓), while the newest soap opera by TVBS, Wild Campus Life (機智校園生活) also announced its cast. 


Malaysia’s Enjoy TV also announced its new film Alone (空巢). TAICCA Chairperson TING Hsiao-Ching emphasized the agency was committed to connecting Taiwan’s content industry and international partners. Through TAICCA’s many programs, such as Taiwan’s International Co-Funding Program (TICP), more Taiwanese co-productions, such as Alone, will be delivered to the world. 



TAICCA Chairperson TING Hsiao-Ching speaking at the announcement of Enjoy TV's new film, Alone (空巢).


Also announced are TTV’s soap opera Under One Roof (一個屋簷下), CTS and PTS’s Graduating from Marriage (婚姻結業式) and Goodbye Again (再見之後),  Focus Drama’s Reborn (青春換日線), and the cast of GTV’s Dear Adam (親愛的亞當)

The second year of TCCF gathers more than 130 exhibitors to showcase their works at The Market. To increase matchmaking opportunities, TAICCA rolls out the brand new IP Meetup service for exhibitors to upload their works and connect with buyers from all around the world online 24/7. Over 700 works are currently available online. Visit to check out all the amazing Taiwanese content.