TCCF Presents NEXT Academy and Garden Mingle - Field Practice 


 TCCF Presents NEXT Academy and Garden Mingle - Field Practice 


The 2021 TCCF encompassed The Market, The Forum, The Expo, and two side events, NEXT Academy and Garden Mingle - Field Practice


The NEXT Academy exhibition explores the relationship between humans and the digital world from the demonstration of technology innovation in the content industry to the discovery of the “new living code.” The seven projects showcased range from animation, film, movies, music, immersive theater, and photogrammetry. Each is supported by the Cultural Content and Technology Application Flagship Program, which intends to help the creative content industry upgrade its working methods through technological applications. (Visit for more details.)


The Happiness Road Productions: Historical Drama Accelerated Production System, aims to build a more efficient and easy-to-use script developing process for historical and background research. It would lead to more high-quality works for the Taiwan and Asia Market. The Great Dream Picture: Cloud-based Filmmaking Production Management System, streamlines the manual operations for film and TV productions. 


The Chi Po-lin Foundation: Deployment Project of Taiwan Aerial Imaging Database has digitized over 600,000 photos and nearly 1,000 hours of video assets from the late photographer Po-Lin Chi, who dedicated over 25 years to Taiwan’s aerial photography. 


Known for capturing the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature through live performances, ANKR: Immersive Electronic Music Experience and Natural Environment Footage of Taiwan creates an immersive listening experience within the exhibition. Solid Memory Co. Ltd.: R&D Project for Autonomous Photogrammetry via High-Resolution 3D Scanning demonstrates the pioneering application of photogrammetry in content creation. 


ANKR - Immersive Electronic Music Experience and Natural Environment Footage of Taiwan


NEXT Acedemy presents Nicole's Creative Artists Agency - June, The Mixed Reality Immersive Theater 


The Taiwan-Australia co-production and multi-platform project, Small Island Big Song: Music, Film & Live Uniting the Indo-Pacific, showcases cultural connections of the descendants of Pacific and Indian Oceans through music. Nicole's Creative Artists Agency: "June," The Mixed Reality Immersive Theater brings together MR technology, scents, and theater performances. 


Besides the exhibition, TCCF also included Garden Mingle - Field Practice, taking visitors on a journey to experience the future lifestyle of "new living code.” It integrated spatial, visual, musical, yoga, talks, marketplace, and other recreational experiences.


Small Island Big Song, 泊人ANKR, and the five groups of musicians (Shi Shi SUN, Howard LEE, Starr Chen, ØZI, and Trout Fresh) who participated in this year's MIDEM music festival will perform in the garden and present a unique experience of future entertainment. All performing musicians are supported by TAICCA. 


Small Island Big Song performing at the Baroque Garden


In addition to music performances, visitors will be able to enter the metaverse through yoga guided by the MEDIAN and music from PUZZLEMAN. 





The NEXT Academy and Garden Mingle - Field Practice had over 3000 visitors since the beginning of the events. Throughout the weekend, visitors will be able to experience the blurred lines of virtual and physical realities in the Baroque Garden and experience local music’s unique identity and its international influences. 


ØZI performing at TCCF's Garden Mingle - Field Practice 


Howard Lee will be performing with FORMOZA on Nov. 14th.