TAICCA Welcomes International Joint Ventures & Co-Productions in Immersive Content


TAICCA Welcomes International Joint Ventures & Co-Productions in Immersive Content


Taiwan has delivered some of the best immersive content and XR works over the year, with Best VR Experience Award at the Venice Film Festival 2017. In 2019, Taiwan was also the third largest nominee at the Venice Film Festival. On top of this solid foundation, TAICCA is eager to further creative processes, and encourage more international immersive developments and co-productions.


To support international joint ventures and co-productions in immersive content, TAICCA is launching a three-year grant program, Immersive Content Grant, today on March 3rd and welcomes all projects featuring Taiwanese culture to apply. Offering up to NT$3.5 million, the grant is opened to works in various themes and formats, including VR360, interactive, multiplayer online, XR, haptics, immersive audio, mixed media experiences. The length of each project can also depend on the theme.

Through this program, TAICCA hopes to combine Taiwan’s exceptional hardware and software technologies with the innovative and creative abilities in various industries. The agency also hopes that through international co-productions, local and global talents can work together to innovate future contents, push the envelope in storytelling, incubate interdisciplinary and international experiences, and explore more potential in immersive contents.

More importantly, through international joint ventures and co-productions, the grant will hopefully enable creators and producers to experiment on innovative projects, and develop new technologies, tools, IPs, and business models. TAICCA will facilitate more works with market potential, enhance Taiwan’s international visibility, and establish the island a global immersive content innovator.

Immersive Content Grant is open for application now until March 31st 23:59 Taiwan Time (GMT+8). Application forms are available in the link below. For more details, contact TAICCA.

Michelle Wang  +886-2-2745-8186 #702 [email protected]
Hallie Chi   +886-2-2745-8186 #512 [email protected]


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