TAICCA to take over Taiwan Pavilion at Frankfurt Book Fair 2020


TAICCA to take over Taiwan Pavilion at Frankfurt Book Fair 2020


Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) aims to start a cross-industry integration through investing and strengthen international multi-platform IP collaboration.



From October 16 to 20, the Taiwan Pavilion participated in the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair, featuring two exhibition zones: the main pavilion, TAIWAN: Island of Amazing Stories, and the Taiwan Comic Pavilion.


The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), led by chairperson Ms. Hsiao-Ching Tin, also joined the book fair. At the opening ceremony of the Taiwan Pavilion, Ms. Tin announced that, starting from next year, TAICCA will take over the organizing the Taiwan Pavilion, and strengthen the investment subsidy for merging content with the appliance of new-media, expand international publish for the ‘Taiwan National Team”, and act as the field support for content creators and the publishing industry.


As a bridging medium for governmental and private organizations, the goal of TAICCA is to integrate private resources with governmental ones and trigger cross-industry cooperation through investment, which defines TAICCA’s role as a partner to start-up companies that can secure international connections. In other words, the purpose of TAICCA’s is to works with private industries in building Taiwan’s national brand and add value to those industries.

 “We will devote more strength to the investment subsidy for international publication of literature as well as comics. We will also explore the possibility of text and future content by developing immersive cross-platform appliances. Moreover, as Taiwan is known as the beacon of freedom in the Mandarin publishing world, it can be a great rendezvous to connect with the south-eastern Asian market,” said chairperson Mrs. Ding at the opening ceremony of the Taiwan Pavilion. “TAICCA will speak with major international book fairs and discuss collaborating duo annual events or establish a branch exhibition here, which can connect Taiwan with the world through reading and increase the exposure of works from all parties, further inspire more content creators. This kind of collaboration can be used in developing international multi-platform IPs and convert it into a business.”


Exploring the opportunity of international collaborations on multi-platform IP, TAICCA also spoke with the organizers of Frankfurt Book Fair, Bologna Book Fair, and the Korean Publishers Association, making the agency more involved in the global publishing industry.