2021 TCCF Unveils “The Expo: Metaverse Playground,” Taiwan’s Iconic Immersive Content Exhibition


2021 TCCF Unveils “The Expo: Metaverse Playground,” Taiwan’s Iconic Immersive Content Exhibition


Taiwan is known globally for technology that can enable a wide variety of creative content experiences. Powered by tech development and creative freedom, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) is committed to empowering creative content applications and industries. Since founded, TAICCA has designed multiple support programs and systems to facilitate future content development in Taiwan.


Dedicated to the creative content market, the 2021 Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) will be held from November 10th to November 14th at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. To demonstrate future content productions and business models, TCCF curates the theme of “Metaverse Playground” for “The Expo,” in collaboration with international immersive content festivals (Ars Electronica and Kaohsiung Film Festival), and 5G VR Cloud technology, to bring 15 immersive projects and more than 30 thematic activities. It also builds an online exhibition within GOXR by XRSPACE to bring exclusive metaverse experiences to visitors.

2021 TCCF iconic cross-industry future content exhibition
Metaverse Playground The latest Metaverse Applications Is Available At Once


“Metaverse is the next incarnation of the virtual world,” says TAICCA CEO Izero LEE. “It will change our lifestyles from gaming, entertainment, education, work, and social behaviors. TAICCA continues to participate in international markets and festivals, organize exhibitions, support programs, and professional courses. Through policies and opportunities, cultural content producers and tech makers will stay competitive amid global market trends. The Expo will showcase leading immersive content from around the world to inspire groundbreaking ideas and imaginations for Taiwan’s content market.”


Compared to last year, The Expo has tripled its space this year. It is designed as a virtual magical playground from within. Visitors enter a “Wormhole," and experience sections include “Avatar Galaxy,” “Magic Forest,” “Fun Backyard,” and “Octans Space,” It encompasses pioneering immersive works, the latest metaverse applications, several international premieres, and award-winning projects.


Avatar Galaxy Presents Immersive Titles at 13 Physical Locations in Taiwan to Experience Unlimited Possibilities of Future Content

Avatar Galaxy includes multiple VR titles from Kaohsiung Film Festival XR Programs and other international festivals, including Your Spiritual Temple Sucks, Afterimage for Tomorrow, Home, and In the Mist. As well as, Signal, which visualizes daily COVID-19 confirmed case data, and Echoes of Silence recreates the universe in a dome. Ars Electronica from Linz, Austria also presents works under the title A New Digital Real, including Wind of Taipei that was produced based on big data technology, The Substitute reflects on species and ecology with virtual rhino images, and All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace the image creation that explores our obsession with technology.


In response to temporal and spatial limitations on physical venues, TAICCA launches 5G VR Cloud program to envision future content applications with the public. In collaboration with National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB, and 10 Chunghwa Telecom stores, the program selects 28 VR titles on demand for viewers with VR headsets. The program will be available from November 10th 2021 to February 10th 2022.


Fun Backyard Previews to Foresee Other Future Content Application Opportunities and Experience Virtual Karaoke


Fun Backyard focuses on how future content may be applied across industries. Puppet Talk utilizes smart sensing technologies in traditional hand puppetry. Immersive Live Music into the YaTing AI Musicverse combines AI music composition, dance recognition, and 3D holograms. In-To is produced with IP Lab under TAICCA and 4DViews volumetric capture technology, and virtual karaoke service Party On by XRSPACE has begun to operate.


Registration of 2021 TCCF “The Expo” is open now
Reserve for Limited Spots, or Experience Online on GOXR

The 2021 TCCF ”The Expo: Metaverse Playground" will be available from November 10th to November 14th at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Warehouse 2&3, Southbound Tabacco Factory). Reserve your spots on the official website while availability lasts. Visitors can also go into the exhibition with your avatars via smartphone or tablet on the virtual platform GOXR.