“Taiwan Shows Up” at the Asia TV Forum & Market, Taiwanese Film and TV Exhibitor Participation Increased by 60%


“Taiwan Shows Up” at the Asia TV Forum & Market, Taiwanese Film and TV Exhibitor Participation Increased by 60%


Asia’s leading entertainment content market and conference, Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF), returned with a hybrid format from December 1st to 3rd. The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) gathered 63 exhibitors showcasing 186 film and TV titles and project proposals in the virtual Taiwan Pavilion to promote Taiwanese TV and films to international markets. Compared to last year, the 2021 ATF Taiwan Pavilion saw an increase in both exhibitors and titles by 60% and 50% respectively.


TAICCA CEO Izero LEE stated that the fierce competition between OTT services drove the development of film and television content worldwide, and platforms were eagerly seeking original content inspired by local culture. “Taiwan has the advantage of a rich history and culture, so we hope to promote our exceptional content of diverse genres at this years’ ATF to increase the presence of Taiwanese film and TV content," said LEE.


Taiwan Pavilion "Taiwan Shows Up" featured titles.


TAICCA will also present the Taiwan Film and TV Content Online Showcase on the ATF digital platform with eight TV series and two films. Producers, directors, and industry professionals will introduce the works and discuss the unique styles and creativity of Taiwanese works in a video titled “Taiwan Shows Up” during the showcase. The works include sci-fi series 2049; teen drama based on a girl’s basketball team, Girls Win (女孩上場); series based on a true story, Show On: an Influencer's Rise to Her Hot Hot Fame (何百芮的地獄毒白), popular animation Brave Animated Series (勇者動畫系列) and Pigsy Express (未來宅急便); as well as works reflecting upon life issues Listen Before You Sing (聽見歌再唱) and Final Exam (期末考)


Additionally, the showcase will introduce a TV Format Bible to keep up with the trends of content trading and to encourage more international co-productions. Original TV formats from Taiwan include the highly technical underwater modeling competition, Aqua Challange (決戰水下伸展台); popular team-based celebrity sports competition, All Star Sports Day (全明星運動會); and reality TV music competition for girl groups, Dancing Diamond 52 (菱格世代 DD52)


For more information on Taiwan’s participation at the Asian TV Forum & Market, please visit https://en.taicca.tw/article/fbc24bef


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