Huang Hsin-Chien’s “Samsara Ep 1” Wins Best VR Story at Cannes XR


Huang Hsin-Chien’s “Samsara Ep 1” Wins Best VR Story at Cannes XR


Taiwanese new media artist HUANG Hsin-Chien (黃心健) has once again stunned international festivals and won Best VR Story at Cannes XR with his work Samsara Ep.1 (輪迴). It was awarded the “Jury Awards” in the Virtual Cinema Competition category at SXSW earlier this year. 


The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) congratulates HUANG and his team on this tremendous achievement. Samsara Ep. 1 received support from TAICCA and utilized TAICCA’s IP Lab 4DViews technology. TAICCA will continue to support the development of future content and transform Taiwan’s content industry as a leader in future content. 


Regarding Taiwan’s original VR content receiving global recognition, TAICCA Chief Executive Officer Ming-Che LEE believes that the future content industry is in its early stages, and has become increasingly more competitive with emerging technologies and innovations. Since undertaking the Ministry of Culture “Cultural Content and Technology Application Flagship Program” launched in 2017, TAICCA continuously encourages innovative projects that combine culture and technology. 


“With Taiwan’s rich and diverse IP, technological advantages, and creative talents, Taiwanese content has demonstrated promising results and become highly recognized internationally,” says LEE. “Taiwan has also become a key collaborator with international festivals, such as the NewImages Festival in France. TAICCA’s Immersive Content Grant for International Co-funding or Co-Production has  also received applications from creators worldwide.”  


Samsara Ep. 1 depicts reincarnation, incorporating Paiwan aboriginal culture and endemic species of Taiwan. The VR film utilizes a volumetric capture system to capture images without blind spots and presents Taiwan’s local culture with the latest somatosensory technology. The work also adds a virtual arm for a more interactive experience. 


TAICCA will host the annual Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) in November, and showcase the most cutting-edge content in the Future Content exhibition. The agency will continue to empower Taiwanese immersive content development with the "Immersive Content Grant for International Co-funding or Co-Productions” to maintain Taiwan’s global competitiveness, and partner with international organizations to promote collaborations.