TAICCA and mk2 Present "Bonjour La France, ici Taïwan" - A Showcase of Taiwanese Films in France


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TAICCA and mk2 Present "Bonjour La France, ici Taïwan" - A Showcase of Taiwanese Films in France


To promote diverse Taiwanese films and discover the cinematic taste of French audiences, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) organized the online and offline film screening event "Bonjour La France, ici Taïwan" in Paris, in collaboration with the renowned European film group "mk2." Starting from October 12, 2023, seven films were showcased at the theater "mk2 Bibliothèque" in Paris, followed by the availability of 14 Taiwanese films on the streaming platform "mk2 Curiosity."


TAICCA emphasized the alignment of Taiwan's diverse film themes, creative approaches, and cultural openness with the French and European markets. Through the integrated online and offline screening event, the aim is to expand the international audience for Taiwanese films and provide valuable data on box office and viewership to assist domestic filmmakers in understanding global market trends. Collaborating with "mk2," TAICCA aims to enhance awareness of Taiwanese films in the European film industry.


Building on the successful online and offline collaboration initiated in 2022 with "mk2," where Taiwanese films on "mk2 Curiosity" achieved outstanding viewership, TAICCA continues the partnership in 2023. The data revealed preferences of European online audiences for avant-garde and innovative content, while physical theater audiences leaned towards heartwarming and director-driven works.


For this year's screening, TAICCA invited film critic and curator Ruby Hsieh, known for her work at the Women Make Waves Int'l Film Festival of Taiwan, Taiwan International Documentary Festival, and Taipei Film Festival. Together with the "mk2" curation team, they leveraged data from the previous year to assess the characteristics of French online and offline audiences, selecting a sophisticated list of films for the event.


The physical theater lineup includes classics familiar to French audiences such as Tsai Ming-liang's "Rebels of the Neon God," Ang Lee's "Pushing Hands," and Hou Hsiao-hsien's "Millennium Mambo." Recent Taiwanese films like "Detention," "Day Off," and "Coo-Coo 043" have also captured the attention of the "mk2" curation team. The restored version of the animated classic "Grandma and Her Ghosts" combines local customs and family themes in an effort to resonate with French audiences. The online streaming selection includes both classics like "Millennium Mambo" and "Dragon Inn" and recent releases like "GAGA" and "Day off," covering diverse perspectives such as women's and indigenous viewpoints.


"mk2," originally rooted in physical theaters, has expanded into film production, distribution, and streaming platforms, holding a significant position in the French film industry. Operating theaters in Spain as well, "mk2" manages a diverse portfolio in the film sector. The "mk2 Curiosity" streaming platform offers a wide range of films globally, including features, shorts, animations, and documentaries, updating with 4 to 5 films weekly to cater to diverse online audiences' tastes.