2021 TCCF Opens The Expo with Vice President LAI Ching-Te to Experience the Convergence of Technology, Content, and the Metaverse 


2021 TCCF Opens The Expo with Vice President LAI Ching-Te to Experience the Convergence of Technology, Content, and the Metaverse 


The 2021 Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) encompasses three main areas: The Market, The Forum, The Expo, with two side events: NEXT Academy and Garden Mingle - Field Practice. The highly anticipated 2021 TCCF Expo will showcase the most cutting-edge immersive content and its business models, demonstrating Taiwan’s technological advantages and creativity. 

The opening ceremony of The Expo invited Taiwan’s Vice President LAI Ching-Te, Deputy Minister of Culture LEE Ching-Hwi, Office of Science & Technology Executive Secretary YEH Jer-Liang, Chunghwa Telecom President KUO Shui-Yi, Kaohsiung Film Archive Director YANG Meng-Yin, Funique VR Studio COO CHENG Pu-Yuan, as well as industry executives, to experience the new era of Taiwan’s immersive content industry. 

Vice President LAI said during his opening remarks, “The second edition of TCCF is a testament to TAICCA’s effort in bringing together an interdisciplinary event and shows the government commitment in Taiwan’s content industry.” LAI highlighted five essential elements to a thriving content industry, including creativity fueled by culture, Taiwan’s history and moving stories, technology, government support, and an emphasis on going global. “The government will continue to support the development of Taiwan’s content industry, spreading more outstanding stories for the world to see,” said LAI. 

TAICCA Chairperson TING Hsiao-Ching stated that the trending “Metaverse” signaled a transformative era for the creative content industry. “TAICCA recognized this global trend two years ago and seized the opportunity to establish an international future content co-production network. Through TCCF, we wish to share with the industry the newest trends and applications of immersive content, and step into the metaverse with international partners with Taiwan’s content driven by creativity and technology,” said TING. 

Themed “Metaverse Playground,” The Expo features 15 immersive projects and more than 30 thematic activities, creating a magical playground with the imageries of a “Wormhole,” “Infinity Sphere,” “Avatar Galaxy,” “Magic Forest,” "Fun Backyard," and "Octans Space.” TAICCA expands this year’s expo with more content and demonstrates possible business models for immersive content. The agency also partners with the leading international new media festival, Ars Electronica, to debut a co-branded immersive experience in Taiwan. 

Vice President LAI experienced the virtual karaoke PartyOn, which allowed individuals to sing together from different places in their avatars via 5G connectivity. TAICCA deputy CEO Alice CHANG, introduced the 5G VR Cloud program made possible with Chunghwa Telecom 5G infrastructure and its cloud service, as well as VR headsets by HTC VIVE. The 5G VR Cloud program selects 28 VR titles available on-demand, which will also be available at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB, and 10 Chunghwa Telecom stores around the country, to demonstrate how VR content can be monetized. 


Several projects at The Expo are supported by TAICCA, including Samsara, by new media artist HUANG Hsin-Chien, and Bedlam, a UK, France, and Taiwan co-produced VR work. Ars Electronica will also present three works under the title A New Digital Real, including Wind of Taipei based on big data technology, The Substitute, and All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace. 


TAICCA CEO Izero LEE was proud to present Taiwan’s impressive immersive content and welcomed the world to envision the future of content industries with Taiwan. 

For more information and to register for VR experiences, please visit: https://pass.taicca.tw/events