TAICCA Announced the 2021 Taiwan Creative Content Fest, Presenting Taiwan’s Content Industry to International Buyers


TAICCA Announced the 2021 Taiwan Creative Content Fest, Presenting Taiwan’s Content Industry to International Buyers


The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) announced today (November 3rd) the second edition of the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF), which will be held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei from November 10th to the 14th. 


TCCF is the interdisciplinary industry event dedicated to Taiwan’s creative content in film, TV, publishing, animation, comics, games, performing arts, immersive content, and more. The goal for the event is to promote Taiwan’s content industry and talents to buyers from around the world through a hybrid of online and in-person events, forums on the latest industry trends, and cutting-edge immersive content exhibitions. 


The 2021 TCCF will feature The Market, The Forum, and The Expo, as well as side events, NEXT Academy and Garden Mingle - Field Practice, inviting local and international content buyers and general audience to experience the latest Taiwanese content driven by technology and creativity.  


Speaking at the press conference, the Deputy Minister of Culture LEE Ching-Hwi said, “Taiwan’s content industry continues to produce excellent works despite the challenges of the global pandemic. The Ministry of Culture and TAICCA is working as a team to consolidate Taiwan’s creative content industry with different tools and methods. We will continue to support TAICCA’s effort to solidify Taiwan’s competitive edge in the global content market through TCCF and give the world access to Taiwan’s excellent content. 


Deputy Minister of Culture LEE Ching-Hwi


TAICCA Chairperson TING Hsiao-Ching said during her opening remarks, “TCCF provides a platform for the content industry to meet and exchange ideas, IPs, and business opportunities, allowing content creators to find suitable buyers or investors. It also showcases the unique charm and creativity of Taiwan’s culture brand through an array of interdisciplinary performances, exhibitions, and forums.” 


TAICCA Chairperson TING Hsiao-Ching


“For the second year, TCCF gathers more exhibitors to showcase more works at The Market, while The Forum will cover timely topics and trends relevant to the global content industry. We hope to present Taiwan’s compelling cultural and creative soft power, and for TCCF to become the leading content market in Asia,” TING added. 


TAICCA CEO Izero LEE was joined by special guest, the multi-talented entertainer Mickey HUANG (黃子佼), to present the highlights of the 2021 TCCF. LEE emphasized that TAICCA was committed to hosting TCCF for new business and development opportunities, and for international buyers with best-in-class Taiwanese content.  


Special guest Mickey HUANG (left) and TAICCA CEO Izero LEE (right) introducing the highlights of 2021 TCCF


“We’ve expanded the scale of pitching sessions and various companies and organizations such as GagaOOlala, Golden Horse FPP, Fubon Cultural, and Educational Foundation, to host various themed pitching sessions. For industry players, gaining exposure during market events means more business opportunities, and we hope that in the near future, TCCF will be the place everyone goes to find Taiwanese content, develop connections in Asia, and to discover global content industry trends,” stated LEE. 


This year, The Market will include over 800 IP projects, including The Summer Temple Fair (神之鄉), The Making of an Ordinary Women 2 (俗女養成記 2), and Shiro: Hero of Heroes (諸葛四郎), from 130 local and international exhibitors. Over 60 projects will join the venture capital pitching sessions. The total transaction amount of this year’s TCCF is expected to exceed last year’s 900 million NTD. 


After last year’s success, there will be seven Pitching & Showcase this year with different categories such as series, feature films, animations, children and young adults, and LGBTQ. Additionally, TAICCA rolled out the brand new IP Meetup service, allowing exhibitors to upload their works and connect with buyers from all around the world online 24/7, which currently has over 700 works available online. 


The Forum will welcome over 50 speakers in the technology industry, creative cultural industry, startups, and investment to host ten sessions that will explore various business models that herald the future of the industry, spotlight the globalization and commercialization of IPs and discuss how exhibitions and performances will evolve in the future. The lineup will include Digital Minister Audrey TANG, HP’s Global Head of Virtual Reality Joanna POPPER, EL-GABAL’s CIO Antoine CARDON, HTC VIVE ORIGINALS President LIU Szu-Ming, Catchplay CEO Daphne YANG, and more.  


To exhibit Taiwan’s impressive immersive content creation and to demonstrate viable business models of immersive content, The Expo will demonstrate Taiwan's potential as a global leader in future content production. With "Metaverse Playground” as its theme, the exhibition will explore the boundaries of physical and virtual realities, what the metaverse represents in the next stage of cultural content technology, and what it means to human beings as we enter the metaverse era. 


The Expo Curator, Samuel WANG


The Expo will present 15 projects, including the world premiere of the VR experience, Bedlam, a UK, France, and Taiwan co-production; the recipient of TAICCA’s immersive content grant, Samsara by new media artist HUANG Hsing-Chien, Venice VR nominee The Sick Rose, as well as the 5G VR Cloud in partnership with Taiwan’s largest telecom company, Chunghwa Telecom. Audiences in Taiwan can experience TCCF at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung VR Film Lab, and various Chunghwa Telecom store locations, through the 5G VR Cloud program. 


Also included in TCCF are two side events NEXT Academy and Garden Mingle - Field Practice, which will proudly present talents and works supported by TAICCA, in animation, movies, music, and cutting-edge technology. The five artists selected by this year’s Midem Songwriting Camp will perform live as part of the Garden Mingle - Field Practice activities and will be opened to the public for free. 


NEXT Academy and Garden Mingle - Field Practice Curator, Frank HUANG



For more information on the 2021 Taiwan Creative Content Fest, please visit https://tccf.taicca.tw/en/