Taiwanese Music Talents Sets Record for Midem Talent Exporter and Midem Songwriting Camp 


Taiwanese Music Talents Sets Record for Midem Talent Exporter and Midem Songwriting Camp 


Earlier this year, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and Europe’s leading international music event, Midem, have sealed a partnership to boost Taiwan’s music industry and talents. Midem announced today the official selection for this year’s Midem Talent Exporter (MTE) and Midem Songwriting Camp (MSC) with six award-winning Taiwanese artists shortlisted among talents from around the world.


Shortlisted artists include Howard LEE (李浩瑋) representing Taiwan for Midem Talent Exporter; while Chih Siou (持修), ØZI,  Shi Shi SUN (孫盛希), Starr CHEN (陳星翰), and Trout Fresh (呂士軒) are invited for Midem Songwriting Camp, setting a new record for Taiwanese artists. 


“As TAICCA’s first year partnering with Midem, we received overwhelming interest for MTE from Taiwan’s music community,” said TAICCA CEO Izero LEE. “Artists submit musical projects with diverse genres, spanning rock, heavy metal, rap, driven by the creative freedom in Taiwan.” 


“Many international exhibitions and festivals are transitioning online due to the pandemic, and MSC is no exception. However, it remains committed to accelerating cross-border music collaboration and performance, and looks forward to more contributions by Taiwanese music and creativity to the global industry,” added LEE.


Each year, hundreds of projects around the world are entered for the MTE. Shortlists are selected based on artistic merit, development strategy, and export potential. To present the best of Taiwanese artists in MTE, TAICCA will support the selected artist to film a pre-recorded performance for the Online Showcase, after which artists can interact with other performers and the 2021 Artists Ambassador, Steve Aoki. 


Artists or bands selected for the MSC will participate in a 4-day event in October to collaborate and create new music with international producers and will showcase their creation to the world in November. 


The MTE shortlisted artist, Howard LEE, is delighted by the news and excited to deliver a memorable performance. 


Howard LEE (李浩瑋)


Shi Shi SUN, who participated in the songwriting camp in 2017, is glad to return and looks forward to enjoying the collaborative atmosphere with international artists again. 


Shi Shi SUN (孫盛希) 


Chih Siou, who was named the 2020 Golden Melody Award’s Best New Artist, thinks “it is very cool to be working with different artists.” ØZI is grateful that TAICCA and Midem have allowed him to work with international producers and looks forward to creating new and exciting music. 


Chih Siou (持修)



Trout Fresh wishes to get to know other artists through networking opportunities and Starr CHEN hopes to share his personal musical style and the potential of Taiwan’s pop music with the world. 


Trout Fresh (呂士軒)

Starr CHEN (陳星翰)


For decades, Midem has been a leading international event of music and technology professionals for business, networking, competition, and showcase. With TAICCA’s partnership with Midem, the agency hopes to raise Taiwanese music’s international exposure and attract matchmaking opportunities. The performances and collaborative results of Taiwanese artists from MTE and MSC will be showcased on Midem Digital from November 16th to 19th. 


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