TAICCA Opens TAIWAN AUDIO COMIC EXPO at the Taiwan Cultural Center in Japan 


TAICCA Opens TAIWAN AUDIO COMIC EXPO at the Taiwan Cultural Center in Japan 


With the mission to promote Taiwanese culture and content worldwide, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) collaborates with Taiwan Cultural Center in Japan to launch the “TAIWAN AUDIO COMIC EXPO. 音も楽しむ Taiwan コミック” exhibition. Beginning on July 1st in Tokyo, it features comic works by Taiwanese artists. 




The exhibition highlights Taiwan-Japan Friendship and will showcase a series of dubbed short films adapted from popular Taiwanese comics. Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Representative Mikio Numata (谷崎泰明) and Taiwan’s Representative to Japan Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) were also invited to attend the exhibition opening.


Taiwan’s Representative to Japan Frank Hsieh 謝長廷 (left) and Representative Mikio Numata 谷崎泰明 (right) 


Following the successful “Taiwan Comic Night Market” last year, TAICCA and the Taiwan Culture Center collaborate again for the “Taiwan Audio Comic Expo” and invite 10 artists to create artworks in response to the “Thank you Taiwan!” artwork collection by the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association.


“Expressing our gratitude to Japan through cultural content shows the deep sentiment and friendship between two countries. It also allows Japanese people to have a deeper understanding of Taiwan,” said TAICCA CEO Ming-Che Lee. “We hope to see more cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Japan, and hopefully the cross-domain adaptation of comics will open up opportunities in the Japanese market for our high-quality comics.” 


Originally part of TAICCA’s promotion for World Reading Day in April, the “Taiwan Audio Comic” series (漫畫有聲音) combines Taiwanese voice actors and musical works with popular comics, such asYan (閻鐵花) and The Funeral Concerto (送葬協奏曲). Japanese subtitles are added for the exhibition, allowing the Japanese audience to experience Taiwan’s original comics. 



The 10 works included in the exhibition are Yan (閻鐵花), Guardienne (守娘), The Funeral Concerto (送葬協奏曲), The Incompetent Love Counseling Center (tentative) (無能戀愛諮商中心), Listen to my Voice!! (tentative) (請聽我的聲音!!), Alice No. 9 (tentative) (第九號愛麗絲), The Scavenger’s Wild Tent (tentative) (採集人的野帳), To the End of the World (tentative) (世界末日也要和你在一起), Day Off (每日青菜), Men’s 3D Love Strategy (tentative) (3次元男子戀愛攻略).



Artwork Collection: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eu0kEkEayHr8797cnNc-aQvbuZctjodA


TAIWAN AUDIO COMIC EXPO: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6N4H8f3-snpcvoYPTR4PgSx5AFOAJEmh


TAIWAN AUDIO COMIC EXPO. ‐音も楽しむ台湾コミック” Exhibition info: