Taiwanese Creative Industries Head to the UK


Taiwanese Creative Industries Head to the UK


TAICCA Assisted 13 Teams to Participate in UK’s Creative Coalition Festival


For the first time, 13 teams of Taiwan’s creative industries participated in the UK’s prominent creative festival, Creative Coalition Festival, online. Invited by the Creative UK, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) assisted the teams to interact and network with experts of the UK’s creative industries through various events, in hopes of more collaboration opportunities. 


TAICCA CEO Izero LEE believed that this festival will increase international exposure of Taiwan’s creative industries and deepen cross-border collaborations and matchmaking. LEE hoped this will allow Taiwanese content to expand into international markets and seek out business opportunities. 


TAICCA and Creative UK co-organized several events to further technological and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the UK, including Online Performance to showcase projects, Mentoring Brunch (Feb. 15th) with international experts, and finding potential partners during Making & Matching (Feb. 23rd). With international partners, teams can apply for funding from TAICCA, the British Council, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), and other international intermediary organizations. 


 Four Taiawnese musical and theatrical performances showcased online at the Creative Coalition Festival. 


Four projects supported by TAICCA’s Cultural Content and Technology Application Flagship Program were showcased during the Online Performance, with over a thousand viewers online enjoying the musical and theatrical performances from Taiwan. Performances included ocean island-nation musical collective Small Island Big Song (小島大歌), electric music experience inspired by Taiwan’s natural environment by ANKR (泊人), contemporary theater performance titled 108 Heroes from Water Margin (蕩寇誌) that transforms traditional drama with immersive projection technology, as well as Fox Tales (狐仙), the traditional Chinese opera brought to life with 4DViews technology. 


The Mentoring Brunch invited experts in law, accounting, finance, and marketing from the UK to guide and mentor the four teams selected by TAICCA’s Future Content Acceleration Program, SELECT ENTERTAINMENT (嚴選娛樂電影製作), Sound’Depth’Studio (有聲度創意設計), Haftix Films (柒天映象), and Bare Feet Dance Theatre (壞鞋子舞蹈劇團). Many participants expressed a further understanding of the UK market and wished for more opportunities in the future to connect with global creative industries experts for useful knowledge in terms of marketing, international distribution, and content development. 


Teams from TAICCA’s first Future Content Prototype Development Program meet with UK industry professionals during Making & Matching event. 


Five teams selected by TAICCA’s first Future Content Prototype Development Program also connected with teams from the UK online, discussing their projects relating to technology, gaming, and future content. The five teams from Taiwan include, HC MUSIC CO., Ltd. (駭音科技), ET@T (在地實驗文化事業), Fun2Studio (方兔互動娛樂), CommonWeakth Education Media and Publishing (親子天下), and Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd (米菲多媒體)


Commenting on Taiwan’s first-ever participation in this year’s festival, Creative UK mentioned that there was a high level of enthusiasm for collaboration between Taiwan and the UK and looked forward to more partnerships in the future.