TAICCA Present Taiwan Pavilion at FILMART to Foster International Sales of Taiwan TV & Film Content


TAICCA Present Taiwan Pavilion at FILMART to Foster International Sales of Taiwan TV & Film Content


The Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART), acclaimed as Asia's premier event for the film and television industry, will run from March 11 to 14. This year, Taiwan's trio of spotlight projects — the series "Hello Marriage, Goodbye Love," the movie "Haunted For Rent," and the TV series "Love On a Shoestring," spearheaded by TAICCA — will be unveiled alongside their film crews during the T-Content Showcase on March 11 at 13:00.


Love On a Shoestring


At the Taiwan Pavilion, 92 companies are presenting a total of 250 projects, providing a rich landscape for buyers and executives to explore. This includes the new animation from the award-winning "My Little Boys – A-NEE-GU" series, titled "A-NEE-GU Fight The Imaginational Bugs," as well as diverse projects such as "First Note of Love," "A Girl Out of The Country," and "Girls Win S2." Additionally, the Pavilion will accommodate 68 on-site exhibitors, further enhancing the dynamic atmosphere of the event.


Haunted For Rent


"Love On a Shoestring," a collaborative effort between Mediacorp from Singapore and Taiwan's TVBS channel, delves into the story of two protagonists with contrasting views on finances who navigate their differences to forge a romantic bond in the workplace. On the other hand, "Haunted For Rent" is an ongoing horror movie project centered around a couple's eerie experiences while searching for a rental flat. Both productions will be showcased by their main characters and film crews at the T-Content Showcase, aiming not only to boost sales but also to display the diversity of content from Taiwan's film and TV industry.


Hello Marriage, Goodbye Love


FILMART stands as a pivotal platform for Taiwanese works to venture into the global market. Alongside the Taiwan Pavilion, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) is partnering with HAF to introduce the TAICCA Award. This award offers a USD 10,000 prize along with the opportunity to apply for TAICCA’s Creative Content Development Program Development Fund and Taiwan International Co-funding Program. The objective is to incentivize more international collaborations with Taiwan, fostering partnerships that propel Taiwan's film and TV industry onto the global stage. Through international co-productions and joint ventures, this initiative seeks to amplify Taiwan's cultural content's global resonance and influence.


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