TAICCA Announces the Taiwan Creative Content Fest, A Flagship International Content Market in Asia


TAICCA Announces the Taiwan Creative Content Fest, A Flagship International Content Market in Asia


The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) hosted a media gathering on October 21st and announced a brand-new cultural content event, the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) (創意內容大會), from November 17th to November 22nd. TAICCA highlighted upgrades to international market events and unveiled the TCCF logo design and animation. In the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, TAICCA brings the creative content marketplace from Taiwan to the world, with the ambition and perspective to lead the content industry and experience economy in the future.


This year, the TCCF merges multiple existing content industry events, including the Creative Content Taipei, XMediaMatch from Book to Screen Business Matching, and the future content industry, into a brand-new international content market and creative culture brand. 


The TCCF event has three main highlights. First, TAICCA designs new mechanisms for content development, international co-productions, and venture capital matchmaking that are rooted in Taiwan. Second, TCCF welcomes buyers and professionals worldwide with digital marketplace and services to invest in Taiwanese content. Third, the conferences will present the latest leading trends, insights, outstanding creative practices across industries in Taiwan, to provide new content experiences and trade opportunities.


“Through this upgraded event,” said Chairperson Hsiao-Ching Ting, “TAICCA motivates content industry and market in the post-pandemic world. In the international market and exhibition, we connect stakeholders, creators, and investors in cultural content industries. Cross-media performances and conferences showcase innovative creative content and new possibilities from Taiwan. It is a great opportunity for market players to learn about the latest developments and Taiwan as a cultural brand. TCCF will demonstrate a wide variety of content and soft power of Taiwan, and become a flagship international content market and trade show in Asia.”

TAICCA Chairperson Hsiao-Ching Ting introduces the Taiwan Creative Content Fest.


TCCF also includes ten major upgrades for the international market, conferences, and exhibitions. In terms of the international market, TAICCA introduces various programs such as initial content development funds, international co-production last-stage funding incentives, venture capital showcases, cross-media content productions, invites over 100 international buyers to participate, establishes new digital marketplace and services, and cross-industry exchanges and integration. 


As for the upgrades to conferences and exhibitions, TAICCA invites world-class speakers to offer insights and key trends of the cultural content industry, sets up a story exchange experience via new media and future content technologies, as well as various curated, cutting-edge content exhibitions.


TAICCA also unveiled TCCF’s logo designed by JL Design. “We combine ‘ongoing cultural productions’ and TCCF theme this year (Human Touch: A Closer Future),” said JL Design Creative Director Johan Tsai. “In the debut TCCF, we highlight the roles of TAICCA. The ‘module’ implies various industries collaborating together. From TAICCA to TCCF, creative content is a channel for cultural productions that upholds brand values and unique implications. Across disciplines and platforms, TCCF will grow content industries, and form a ‘new cultural production module’.”

2020 TCCF International Market Key Visual


TCCF 2020 will feature 1 International Market, 2 Creative Cultural Nights, 3 Future Content Exhibitions, 5 Innovative Performances, 6 Days of Enriching Experiences, 10 Upgraded Highlights, and over 100 Matchmaking Sessions at Le Méridien Taipei, Legacy Max at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11, and the Vieshow Plaza Xinyi. 


Besides the Future Content Exhibitions (Story Exchange, XR Space, Taiwan Hype), TCCF also designs content marketplace for television networks, production studios, distributors, streaming platforms, new media, and publishing. TCCF will offer new perspectives and experiences to bring Taiwan content to the world. More details will be announced at the official press conference on November 12th.



For more information about TCCF, please visit: https://tccf.taicca.tw/index.php?lang=en