TAICCA Charging Ahead with Taiwan’s Publishing Copyrights with the Europe, America, and Asia Online Copyright Promotional Conference


TAICCA Charging Ahead with Taiwan’s Publishing Copyrights with the Europe, America, and Asia Online Copyright Promotional Conference


The global international book markets were greatly impacted by the pandemic in 2020. To continue promoting Taiwan’s publishing IPs globally, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) has organized a series of publishing copyright promotional conferences throughout the year, starting with the Taipei International Book Exhibitions.  Monday, Jan. 25th, begins the first installment of the conferences with the “Europe, America, and Asia Online Copyright Promotional Conference” to launch more Taiwanese IPs to the international publishing market. 


The promotional conference was divided into two sections, one for the European and American countries including the UK, the US, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Turkey, Israel, Poland, and Ukraine, as well as Asian countries including South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Representatives from Taiwanese publishing houses such as Linking Publishing, Sharp Point Publishing, Unique Route along with translators, authors, and editors selected different IPs to promote to various target markets. Some works recommended from Books From Taiwan initiative to international buyers were Ghost Town (鬼地方), The Ecstasy of Galaxies (天河撩亂), Green Monkey Syndrome (綠猴劫), Home Bar: Recipes To Go With A Drink
(or Three) (
家酒場), and The Exorcism Stories of Formosa (東海伏妖誌). TAICCA welcomed buyers to ask questions online and will follow up with interested buyers for more in-depth discussion. 


TAICCA Chairperson Ting Hsiao Ching stated that TAICCA continues to advocate original Taiwanese works to go international. In addition to pushing published IPs to various film and television exhibitions and encouraging cross-domain film and television adaptations, TAICCA aims the first wave of promotional efforts at the European and Asian markets to increase sales opportunities for Taiwanese works. TAICCA invited 26 buyers from Europe, America, and Asia interested in Taiwanese works online to listen to nine Taiwanese publishing houses recommend their respective IPs with various storytelling presentations at today's conference. 


For the promotional conference, TAICCA not only had to coordinate the time difference across three continents, but also introduced a new method of presentation. Taking a step further from the traditional one-on-one meetings, each presenter had 15 minutes to introduce their works to all the buyers at once via live-stream. This attempt increased Taiwan’s publishing houses' experience in presenting their IPs to international buyers and allowed for the buyers to see Taiwan’s publishing potential at once glance. 


TAICCA’s efforts in promoting Taiwan’s copyright is continuing on full speed ahead. Since last year’s “2020 International Publishing and Copyright Professional Forum,” it has provided practical workshops such as one-on-one counseling for writing tips, six sessions of storytelling exercises, and online presentation skills to prepare industry professionals for presenting the best of Taiwan’s publishing works in English. TAICCA is committed to working with international exhibitions to increase opportunities for publishing copyright matchmaking and will be hosting more promotional conferences throughout the year hoping to launch more Taiwanese original IPs to every corner of the world. Information for the promotional conferences will be announced on TAICCA and each international exhibition’s websites.