TAICCA to take over Taiwan Pavilion at Asia TV ForumFair 2020


TAICCA to take over Taiwan Pavilion at Asia TV ForumFair 2020


As Netflix original Mandarin episodes emerge as a trending topic amongst viewers, TV episodes from Taiwan also make significant breakthroughs and step onto the main stage. Meanwhile, led by President Hu Ching-Fang, Taiwan Cultural Content Agency joined the Singapore-based Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) to exchange business insights with local content industries and map out global marketing strategies for Taiwan. 


At the opening ceremony of the Taiwan Pavilion, Taiwan Showcase, President Hu Ching-Fang, said that “the establishment of TAICCA indicates Taiwanese society has come to a consensus: cultural industries will be the pillar industries of the world.” TAICCA will help content creators to achieve more through IP development, production, capital matchmaking, and global strategy. President Hu also announced that starting from next year, TAICCA will be in charge of organizing the Taiwan pavilion in ATF that focuses on original IPs with the most market potential for the Singaporean market, pitching brands from Taiwan to global content industries. “Please get used to seeing us, TAICCA,” said President Hu, who stresses the goal of TAICCA is to help the content industry to achieve more.


Some may doubt Taiwan contents’ appeal to the Singaporean market. Still, Hu, who is a former columnist at Singapore Lianhe Zaobao and no stranger to best sellers in local Books Kinokuniya, does not shy away from showing her faith in promoting contents from one island to the other. ATF 2019 not only focused on the content development of Eastern and South-eastern Asia but also the latest trending breakthroughs of OTTs. President Hu believes that Singapore is the key to open the gate to the South-eastern Asia market.


According to President Hu, the reason TAICCA is exploring and strengthening Taiwan’s connection with many international platforms can be seen in the Netflix original Mandarin episodes that have been at the center of recent discussions. Original contents from Taiwan represent exquisite taste and artistic value, through cooperation and exchange with various international platforms, content creators become more experienced to audiences as well as markets in other countries. Just as TAICCA vows to stand side by side with content creators from Taiwan, and, to promote content from Taiwan, it also welcomes potential cooperation with international exhibitions.