Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program (TICP) 


Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program (TICP) 


Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program (TICP) 

The main objective of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) is to promote the development of Taiwan’s content industries. TAICCA aims to brand Taiwan’s cultural content and create new value for Taiwan’s national brand by producing more quality content and facilitating more co-production projects. The launch of TICP is for leading and bridging creative industries to the international level. With your partnership, we can aim higher, go further, and do better.


Program Overview:
  • Supports up to 30% of Film Production Budget (Priority)
  • Supports up to 30% of Global Marketing Budget (Alternative)


Who can become a TAICCA Partner?
  • Production companies
  • International distribution channels
  • Content development intermediary organizations
  • OTT platforms
  • Organizations for international TV and film pitching sessions


The projects must meet all three requirements below:
  • Taiwan elements
  • International co-production/co-funding contracts
  • International distribution contracts 



For more details, please refer to the TICP FAQ, or contact [email protected]